The Hernando County Democratic Club will hold its monthly meeting at 7:00 pm on Wednesday May 6th. The meeting will take place at the Democratic Party Headquarters, 3432 Deltona Blvd., Spring Hill. Members are encouraged to attend, and the general public is invited. If you ever wondered what a Democrat in Hernando County looked like – come take a peek. There is never charge for looking and listening.

The Board of Directors of the Hernando County Democrats Club will meet at the Party headquarters at 4:00 pm on Wednesday April 29th. The purpose of the meeting is to approve payments and establish the agenda for May's general membership meeting, which is scheduled for May 6th. If you have any business to bring before the membership meeting please attend the Board meeting , or contact Walt Huston at:

They say Spring is a time for rebirth – what with Easter, Passover, and the cherry blossoms. Well, let me tell you the Democratic Party in Hernando has been reborn.

Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, the Hernando Democrats have arisen from the disastrous election results of this past November. The Hernando County Democratic Executive Committee (HCDEC) has a newly installed Chairman, Jimmy Lodato. You may recall that Jimmy was a Democratic candidate for the County Commission. Although he didn’t win in his first attempt for local elected office, he gained valuable insight as to what it takes to run a successful campaign. As Chairman, he is dedicated to identifying candidates that will be competitive in an environment inhospitable to Democrats. He knows, through personal experience, the support that the County Democratic Party needs to provide for the candidates to succeed. Yes it involves money, but it also depends on personnel. Dollars and people applied to the right tasks at the right time will put Democrats back in control of Hernando County.

Believe it or not, The Democratic Club is the single most important Democratic organization in Hernando County. The Club is the operational branch and the primary funding conduit for the Party. Stated another way, we are the foot soldiers. If you are a registered Democrat in Hernando County you are automatically an Associate Member of the Club. Send your email address to: and we will send your membership card. The Club also has a recently installed leadership team headed up by the dynamic duo of Walt Huston as President, and Steve Zeledon as Vice-President.

If you have read this far, you know that the Dem Club Digest has also been reborn. Besides carrying Club news articles, it will also include items of general interest to the Hernando Community. We will talk on, and provide links to, topics that impact everyone living in our County – sinkholes, mining, development, education, taxes, and quality of life – to name a few. The general public is encouraged to submit articles for publication, and you don’t need to be a Democrat to submit.

Moment of silence meeting opened with president  Joe Lemieux

Minutes from the last meeting June 4,2014 were motioned for approval first motion made by David Philipsen seconded by Harvey martin.

Treasurer was absent Joe reported that there was additional funding due to donations.

Truck report wa s  Joe is in need of a mechanic to work on the carbonator.


Labor day  in the park will be brought up as a rally to the county commissioners next meeting and they will be invited to attend the event.  Dave Koller has agreed to find a band or DJ for entertainment.  Dave Koller has also donated the funding for hot dogs.  Joe plans to get 50 cases of soda and bottled water for the picnic .  we  will recycle in our own bags not park garbage. ( the cans) and cash in for future funds.

Next meeting will be August 6 at the Headquarters Joe   encouraged all to bring guests and spread the word about politics in the park July 10, 2014.


Motion made by Natalie to Adjourn  the meeting followed with a second by David Philipsen




Respectfully submitted by,


Natalie Russo


Hernando County Democratic Club – Minutes of the 4/02/2014 Meeting

Quorum established – 14 of 30 (47%) of Voting Members in attendance. There were also 8 Associate Members present.

President Al Ambs called the meeting to order, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance & Moment of Silence.

The minutes of the prior meeting were available for review on-line. Walt moved & Mark seconded for approval. They were accepted unanimously.

The Treasurer’s report was presented for review. Steve moved that the report be accepted and Harvey seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Al reported that the Club now has 30 voting members and 52 associate members. During the meeting three members – Jerry Lonergan, Natalie Russo and Anna Calleri changed their membership status from Associate to Voting.

Al announced the details about the upcoming Hernando County Fair. The Party’s booth needs to be staffed. Fair activities are being coordinated by Jimmy Lodato (352) 799-0121.

The election procedures were discussed. Al read a brief description of the three positions up for election: Vice President, Secretary, and Board Member. He also stated the nominating and election processes. Loyalty oaths would be required of all election winners.

Al also talked about what he considered his successes since taking over as Club President – organization, structure, communications, and planning. He considers himself a moderate Democrat, and attempted to guide the Club to the middle of the political spectrum. He now realizes that the middle is not exciting and does not enthuse the members nor potential members. The Club needs to be more Progressive/Liberal to get back to the roots of the Democratic Party. To do so requires new leadership. After the newly elected officers are up to speed, Al will be resigning in order to facilitate this transition.

Proceeding to the election – Joe Lemieux and Stanley Beresford were nominated as Vice President candidates. Stanley withdrew and Joe was elected by acclimation. Natalie Russo ran unopposed for Secretary and was elected by acclimation. Jerry Lonergan and Jimmy Lodato were nominated to fill the vacant seat on the Board. Jimmy withdrew because of the demands of his County Commission campaign. Jerry was elected by acclimation.

As of the end of March the office chair fund had raised $575.

Guest speaker Stanley Beresford, Board Member of the Hernando County Democratic Club, presented his vision for the Democratic Party in Hernando County. He said that the Party lacks vision, and without vision there can be no growth. That vision must come from the leadership of the Party and must reflect the will of the people. He also faulted Democrats for their complacency – not supporting Democratic activities, not voting, and not supporting Democratic candidates. He closed with the following: How, what and where are we willing to do something. A lively discussion followed with almost everyone present participating. 


Quorum Determination

Pledge of Allegiance  &  Moment of Silence

Minutes of last meeting available for review – discussion – approval

Treasurer’s report - 3/31/14

Members – 30 Voting Members  –  51 Associate Members  –  4 Inactive Members

  • Inactive Members will be removed from the membership.

New Meeting Time – 1st Wed of Month at 7:00 pm

April 2nd           May 7th           June 4th

Presidential succession. When & why.


  • Descriptions for the positions up for election are posted on the Club’s website:
  • Nominations and election for Vice President
  • Nominations and election for Secretary
  • Nominations and election for Board Member

Working Groups –

  • Fundraising – To date we have collected $575 towards the purchase of new chairs for the headquarters.

Guest Speaker –

  • Stanley Beresford – A Personal Vision Of The Democratic Party in Hernando County.


At the April 2nd meeting of the General Membership elections will be held to fill the following  vacancies: Vice President, Secretary and Board Member. Please attend as every vote counts, just ask Alex Sink. A brief description of the duties follows.

Vice President

  • Assume the duties of President whenever the President is temporarily unavailable. Assumes the office of President when the current President leaves before his/her term expires. Also is responsible for keeping this website relevant and up-to-date. Updates and maintains the membership files. Performs other duties as assigned by the President.


  • Records minutes at all Club meetings and Board workshops. Posts the minutes of the General Membership meetings to this website as soon after the meeting as possible. Distributes notes from the Board Workshops to the Board Members. Maintains files of past minutes and approved Treasurer's Reports. Creates, sends and receives correspondence on behalf of the Club. Checks the Club's P.O. Box at least weekly.

Board Member

  • Attends and participates in the monthly Board Workshops where agendas and expenditures are approved. The direction and activities of the Club are set at these workshops. Board Members, as part of the Club's leadership team, are expected to attend all General Membership meetings.


Hernando County Democratic Club – Minutes of the 3/05/2014 Meeting

Quorum established – 14 of 27 (52%) of Voting Members in attendance. There were also 8 Associate Members present.

President Al Ambs called the meeting to order, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance & Moment of Silence.

The minutes of the prior meeting were available for review on-line. Walt moved & Jimmy seconded for approval. They were accepted unanimously.

The Treasurer’s report was presented for review. Jimmy moved that the report be accepted and Walt seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Al reported that the Club now has 27 voting members and 51 associate members. There are also 4 inactive members for whom we have no contact information. They will be removed from the membership list. Al stated that voting members, in addition to voting, may also initiate discussion topics. Associate members may discuss open topics, but may not initiate discussion. The general audience is free to listen. If they want to join the discussion they must declare associate membership.

Meeting are now scheduled for the 1st Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm. The next two will be held on April 2nd and May 7th.

At the April meeting the Club will hold elections to fill the following openings: Vice President, Secretary, and Board Member. If you are willing to participate in the Democratic revival of the County, come and stand for election. We need your participation.

Stanley made a presentation on fundraising activities/event for the coming year. He still plans an art auction to benefit the party. He also proposed a monthly series of symposiums at which various groups can air their views on topics important to them.

Guest speaker DeeVon Quirolo, representative for the Sunshine State Clean Energy Coalition, told the group how Duke Energy at the Crystal River power plant is poisoning  the air with a variety of heavy metals. The EPA can’t do anything until the state sets standards, which it refuses to do in violation of the law. Petitions are being gathered in an effort to spur the state to action. It probably won’t happen under the current administration.

Under new business, Joe Lemieux reported on his trip to Tallahassee to participate in a Moral Monday event. He will work to establish a local Moral Monday presence.

David Philipsen wants to have a Rally-In-The-Park to support disability awareness. He and Anna Calleri presented examples of the problems the disabled have dealing with the state. Al suggested they were dealing with symptoms and that the real problem was the unsympathetic Republican administration. Walt suggested that David pursue establishing a Disability Caucus. He would need 10 members each paying $10 to get it going. Members do not need to be disabled.

Steve Zeledon talked about Alex Sink’s phone bank program and how we could help get her elected. He passed out information packets to individuals wishing to participate.

Walt Huston talked about the four phone lines Dave Koller had installed at our office, and briefly described Dave’s phone banking plans. He asked for volunteers to contact   him.

Rosemarie reported that Amendment 1 on the upcoming ballot in November will be Water and Land Conservation which dedicates funds to acquire and restore Florida conservation and recreation lands.

Rose talked about the candidate schedule for the upcoming Swamp Fest. Together the candidates are hoping to get a large number of petitions signed during the three day festival. Apparently the Supervisor of Elections office is rejecting 15% to 20% of submitted petitions – mostly because the signatures don’t match. This may necessitate a re-registration drive for all registered Democrats.