1. Should min wage be raised ? 99% said yes1 no

2. Should medicaid be expanded in Florida? 100% said Yes

3. Are you happy with current Florida Goverment? 61 said no 2 said No opinion

4, Are you happy with current Hernando county Goverment? 68 said NO 2 said no opinion
5. Are you a registered voter 71said yes 1 no
6. Should public transportation be improved in Hernando county? 71 said Yes 1 said No opinion

A small survey for the club to get an idea where there energy and direction should be in the upcoming year. Getting the input of the local community counts and helps.

Many were educaated and much was learned during the Wage war event.
Local candidates spoke and had there information out for guests.
Dave Koller
Rose Rocco
Jimmy Ladoto
Thank you for attending and your support.

1. Sh1..

Wage War in the park

Delta Woods park

3400 Delta Blvd Spring hill

Monday September 1st 1pm-4pm  FREE Food/ Free Music/Free Candidate Speakers and Free information on the Club & Democratic Party in hernando county.

Come join us!! for questions contact jOE @ 352-403-7940




Moment of silence meeting opened with president  Joe Lemieux

Minutes from the last meeting June 4,2014 were motioned for approval first motion made by David Philipsen seconded by Harvey martin.

Treasurer was absent Joe reported that there was additional funding due to donations.

Truck report wa s  Joe is in need of a mechanic to work on the carbonator.


Labor day  in the park will be brought up as a rally to the county commissioners next meeting and they will be invited to attend the event.  Dave Koller has agreed to find a band or DJ for entertainment.  Dave Koller has also donated the funding for hot dogs.  Joe plans to get 50 cases of soda and bottled water for the picnic .  we  will recycle in our own bags not park garbage. ( the cans) and cash in for future funds.

Next meeting will be August 6 at the Headquarters Joe   encouraged all to bring guests and spread the word about politics in the park July 10, 2014.


Motion made by Natalie to Adjourn  the meeting followed with a second by David Philipsen




Respectfully submitted by,


Natalie Russo


Hernando County Democratic Club – Minutes of the 4/02/2014 Meeting

Quorum established – 14 of 30 (47%) of Voting Members in attendance. There were also 8 Associate Members present.

President Al Ambs called the meeting to order, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance & Moment of Silence.

The minutes of the prior meeting were available for review on-line. Walt moved & Mark seconded for approval. They were accepted unanimously.

The Treasurer’s report was presented for review. Steve moved that the report be accepted and Harvey seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Al reported that the Club now has 30 voting members and 52 associate members. During the meeting three members – Jerry Lonergan, Natalie Russo and Anna Calleri changed their membership status from Associate to Voting.

Al announced the details about the upcoming Hernando County Fair. The Party’s booth needs to be staffed. Fair activities are being coordinated by Jimmy Lodato (352) 799-0121.

The election procedures were discussed. Al read a brief description of the three positions up for election: Vice President, Secretary, and Board Member. He also stated the nominating and election processes. Loyalty oaths would be required of all election winners.

Al also talked about what he considered his successes since taking over as Club President – organization, structure, communications, and planning. He considers himself a moderate Democrat, and attempted to guide the Club to the middle of the political spectrum. He now realizes that the middle is not exciting and does not enthuse the members nor potential members. The Club needs to be more Progressive/Liberal to get back to the roots of the Democratic Party. To do so requires new leadership. After the newly elected officers are up to speed, Al will be resigning in order to facilitate this transition.

Proceeding to the election – Joe Lemieux and Stanley Beresford were nominated as Vice President candidates. Stanley withdrew and Joe was elected by acclimation. Natalie Russo ran unopposed for Secretary and was elected by acclimation. Jerry Lonergan and Jimmy Lodato were nominated to fill the vacant seat on the Board. Jimmy withdrew because of the demands of his County Commission campaign. Jerry was elected by acclimation.

As of the end of March the office chair fund had raised $575.

Guest speaker Stanley Beresford, Board Member of the Hernando County Democratic Club, presented his vision for the Democratic Party in Hernando County. He said that the Party lacks vision, and without vision there can be no growth. That vision must come from the leadership of the Party and must reflect the will of the people. He also faulted Democrats for their complacency – not supporting Democratic activities, not voting, and not supporting Democratic candidates. He closed with the following: How, what and where are we willing to do something. A lively discussion followed with almost everyone present participating. 


The Hernando County Democratic Club held elections Wednesday evening at its monthly meeting to fill vacancies on its Board. Officers elected were Joe Lemieux as Vice President and Natalie Russo as Secretary. Jerry Lonergan was elected to serve as a Board Member. Their terms run through February 2015.

In case you missed it, the four Republican County Commissioners slipped a tax increase for Hernando County citizens through the County Commission meeting.

As background, Hernando County has an impact fee on new construction to help support the county's education system. Several years ago, yielding to direction from the building lobby, the Republican-laden Commission voted to suspend collecting this fee. This was supposed to spur the building industry and thereby help the County's economy. In the ensuing years this has not happened. Meanwhile, Pasco County which has a sizable impact fee has experienced a housing boom. The building, and building-related, industries and individuals provide overwhelming financial support for Republican County Commissioners, and therefore get to call the shots. This is the history – now lets look at the present.

The school board has requested that the moratorium on school impact fees be lifted. In support of their position the school board presented an independent expert's report on the need for the funds from the impact fees. The report was partially funded by the County Commission, obviously in the hope that the expert would say that the impact fees were not needed. When this didn't occur they did what they usually do – ignore the facts and financial analysis and do what their financial contributors want them to do. They tried to sell this as keeping tax low in the County. Let's examine the reality of their action.

The school board asked for the money because they need it to address maintenance issues which are the County's fiduciary responsibility to protect the County's investment in physical assets. They also need more money to build new classrooms because classroom size is mandated by Constitutional Amendment in Florida – they must comply. We now know from the Commission's action, or lack of action, that the required funding will not be coming from impact fees. This does not mean that the funding requirement will go away. It means that the funding will come from other sources. Those sources can be found in your bathroom mirror. The funding will have to come from either an increase in the real estate tax, the most likely option, or an increase in the sales tax, a more difficult solution. By saying no to impact fees, shared by new home owners and the builders, the Commission has transferred the impact to existing home owners via a tax increase.

The Republicans are expert are sticking it to the average taxpayer through these backdoor tax increases. In this case the vote was four Republicans supporting the tax increase and one Democrat opposing it. Diane Rowden tried to get the impact fee reinstated. She even proposed phasing them in slowly. The Republicans, having already received their instruction, wouldn't even discuss her proposal.

What can you do? Get off your butts and vote the out of office. They are costing you money that should be coming from the new residents that are forcing the schools to expand.

Quorum Determination

Pledge of Allegiance  &  Moment of Silence

Minutes of last meeting available for review – discussion – approval

Treasurer’s report - 3/31/14

Members – 30 Voting Members  –  51 Associate Members  –  4 Inactive Members

  • Inactive Members will be removed from the membership.

New Meeting Time – 1st Wed of Month at 7:00 pm

April 2nd           May 7th           June 4th

Presidential succession. When & why.


  • Descriptions for the positions up for election are posted on the Club’s website:  www.democraticclub.org.
  • Nominations and election for Vice President
  • Nominations and election for Secretary
  • Nominations and election for Board Member

Working Groups –

  • Fundraising – To date we have collected $575 towards the purchase of new chairs for the headquarters.

Guest Speaker –

  • Stanley Beresford – A Personal Vision Of The Democratic Party in Hernando County.